A downloadable optional for Windows

Hardcore pixels 2D platformer with the levels generated by chance.

Protagonist is a little human above-ground in the world of clock and clock-works, by name Taimen.

Your task to collect as many as possible glasses, to get in tops of players. In this you will be helped a clock keys and "elements" sparse on level.

In beginning 1 minute is given your. If the reverse counting out will reach to the zero - a player will die and you will lose.

- Keys of hours. Give the opportunity for to open new levels;

- "Elements". Collecting the complete set (5 things) of elements, to the reverse counting out of time added 30 seconds.


- Minimum pixel 2D graphics;

- Hardcore gameplay;

- Random generation of levels;

- Pleasant 8-bit musical accompaniment;

- Different capabilities of player;

Install instructions

Download and play!


TimenRunnerDemo.zip 23 MB